How to Create A Vision Statement For Your Company

How do I create a vision for my business?

One of the ‘soft’ and often misunderstood areas of leadership direction comes from creating the vision statement of the business.

By creating a vision statement, it is possible to establish a picture of success for your business.

This, in turn makes it easier to plan for the future because thought has been put into communicating the company’s highest level strategic goals, even though they might seem wildly aspirational at the time.

Molding or shaping the look and feel of the company as it grows becomes more definite with a vision statement because there is a larger concept of ‘where we are going’ in the journey. A clear vision goes way beyond the effect of market mood shifts and defines the leadership direction of the company.

An excellent vision serves to inspire both the employer and entrepreneur, the employees and other stakeholders. A well thought out vision, becomes a beacon to navigate through the future course of the business.

A vision statement is never set in stone by those who write it. It can be rewritten to accommodate for flexibility of direction with the passage of time.

How to create a Vision statement?

The company vision is created by stepping out of the day-to-day thinking and looking into the future, and ask ‘what does our company look like 5 years in the future?’

When we talk about a creating a vision we are creating a picture of the concept of the best version of our company, once our plans aims and objectives have been achieved.

A vision statement is usually created by senior management.

Here are some examples of a company vision to show the characteristics of the company’s vision:

  1. A vision is short and to the point for example Disney’s vision is ‘To make people happy’
  1. A vision needs a central goal:

Errisson, the Swedish communications company have a vision of being “the prime driver in an all-communicating world.”

  1. A vision is memorable:

         Save the Children: Our vision is a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and              participation.

  1. Effective visions are challenging, inspiring employees to strive to reach a high, yet attainable goal, usually of national or international status for the company

         Heinz – Our VISION, quite simply, is to be: “The World’s Premier Food Company, Offering Nutritious, Superior                Tasting Foods To People Everywhere.”

  1. A clear vision projects its goals into the future, and is stable. In other words, vision statements do not shift or change in the face of market trends or passing whims.

         Microsoft – At Microsoft, our mission and values are to help people and businesses throughout the world realize              their full potential.

  1. The most effective visions inspire staff to set high goals and reach for these goals. The most effective visions affect both staff and the public.

Ikea – To create a better every day life for the many people.

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