"The negotiations were complete in 48 hours, turned out better than expected..."

"In the blink of an eye Bonnie Harmon changed the way I not only do business, but the way I operate in life on a daily basis. I had the pleasure of working with her in Los Angeles recently. I was mid negotiation with my company's next big client overseas. In under 20mins with Bonnie enabled me to discover a new perspective in which I not only found new understanding and clarity mentally, but also felt deeply at ease emotionally. The negotiations were complete in 48 hours, turned out better than expected and I was more at peace than ever. She is an absolute gift and I highly recommend her expertise, wisdom and heart. Thank you so much Bonnie!"

Nicholas Pratley 

Founder + CEO, Nicholas Pratley, The Wellness Experience 



"Simply put, she gets results.”


 “Bonnie has a take-charge attitude and subtle-yet-confident approach that resulted in her being immediately embraced by our company when I first engaged her services. She is not only creative; she possesses the rare skill of being able to communicate her ideas and their associated benefits effectively, which in our case resulted in full buy-in from the management team and staff. Simply put, she gets results.”

Pat Curran, Executive Chairman, FSI Group