Welcome to the 5-Day Leadership Direction Challenge


Hello and Welcome to the 5 Day Leadership Direction Challenge to help you map out where your business is going for the purpose of good communication with your employees and stakeholders.

Is your business stagnant, are you stuck in a rut with no apparent light at the end of the tunnel? Are your employees thinking more deeply about lunch than their work in front of them?

A frequent cause of failure is a lack or inaccurate planning of a company strategy. Perhaps it’s time for a business transformation!

Business transformations, when done well, can have a profound positive impact on the company, its stakeholders and its ripples can be felt in the wider community.

A good business transformation will align your staff with the goals of the company, turn problems into solutions and offer significant top line improvement.

Hi, my name is Bonnie Harmon and I’m a Business Transformation Consultant.

I help companies transform and grow by harnessing and leveraging their hidden resources. I work with mindsets, mechanisms and processes so that the owners and directors can turn problems into solutions, increase return on investment, provide a happier and more productive working environment for their employees, and have more time and fulfilment in their lives.

In this 5-Day leadership Direction Challenge we will be looking at the 5 elements of




Principles and


These 5 elements will help you discover the importance of the message your company has for the world, incorporating your company vision, mission, values principles and purpose. Join our facebook group The Business Transformation Group to make sure you get the information on the first step to transforming your business!