***Ideal Client Networking Tip – 3 of 3***

What do you do?

When people ask what you do, it’s important to tell people what the benefits are from talking to you. People buy into the benefits.

Do you say: ‘I’m an accountant’ or do you say ‘I help people save tax so that they have more money to grow their business.’? Do you say 'I'm a patent lawyer' or do you say 'I work with individuals to create the documentation to protect their ideas'?

You can try this too:

Step 1: ‘I help (or similar verb)

Step 2: ‘people’ (who do you help/ what do you help them with) – more specifically what types of people

Step 3: ‘so that’

Step 4: they save money (benefit)

Your ideal client will resonate with the benefits they can get from the results you can give them.