So how did an ex-Wall Street executive and now a wealth coach lose everything and rebuild her fortune in only 7 years to live the life of her dreams?

And why would she give up everything in search of meaning, forging a new life of her own, letting go of her loveless marriage, a comfortable life and visible wealth to go out on her own?

And, how was a car crash the catalyst she needed to change the course of her life for the better?

Today we are talking to Millen Livis, Wealth Architect and Possibilities Catalyst and creator of the ‘Millen Method TM’ to find out how she combines meaning with a conscious focus with a multi-dimensional understanding of science, business education, corporate and entrepreneurial know-how which is distilled into a blueprint that anyone can model!

An immigrant to the USA, Millen talks about how she overcame language barriers, family conditioning and adversity to work for some of the biggest banking firms in the USA and then recounts the impetus which ultimately led to her rebuilding her life all over again in the past 7 years.

In this interview Millen tells her story and shares her 4-pillar 

‘Millen Method TM’ blueprint so you can get an insight into understanding money from all angles to uncover the secrets to living the life of your dreams!


• The 4 pillars to success of the ‘Millen Method TM’

• What choice she made on her personal journey to completely change her life

• Where to find Millen’s resources, and to learn about ‘what’s next’ for you!


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With an M.S. degree in Physics and an M.B.A. degree from the Wharton Business School Millen combines science and business education, corporate and entrepreneurial experience, and extensive money management knowhow, to guide her clients to achieving extraordinary success in their lives by applying The Millen Method - her magic formula for developing a pathway to Financial Freedom.

The Millen Method is a 4-dimensional system that helps you master your money: develop wealth mindset, manage your money effectively, invest your money strategically, and leverage the Universe to live sacred prosperity. Together, these four elements work to take the guesswork out of your money game, so you can simply follow the steps and watch your net worth grow!

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So what separates those who are succeeding on Linked in with those who are not?

And how on earth did Jermaine’s sales go from £200k to $2.5 million in 8 months. That's 10,000% growth!

And, what is the key within your posted content that LinkedIn is looking for in its algorithms to make a difference to you and your business, and how do you make your content relevant?

Tonight, Wednesday 19th July we are speaking to Jermaine Edwards, Salespreneur and creator of the ‘Key Account Hack TM’ to find out how he went from ‘coasting on average’ to creating unique value for his customers’ strategic advantage
on LinkedIn.

With 5 children of his own, Jermaine is laser-focused on how to get real results from LinkedIn and is regularly demonstrating sales transformations in boardrooms in 8 countries throughout the world. His path was not always so easy, and there are some amusing stories along the way which everyone with children will relate to!

Here, Jermaine shares the two types of value which adds to the service for his customers and how to start a LinkedIn strategy so you can uncover the hidden places to find the resources your business needs on LinkedIn.


• The 3 key reasons most people fail on LinkedIn and the main elements required for unstoppable success
• What choice he made on his personal journey to completely turn his sales around
• Where to find LinkedIn’s hidden resources, and where to find Jermaine’s own hard-won LinkedIn resources.


Wednesday, July 18th at 5pm GMT at https://www.facebook.com/businesstransform/ for our Facebook broadcast.

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Jermaine is also the founder of 2 amazing organisations:
www.customergrowthsummit.com - the only global sales summit that enables sales leaders to turn their customer relationships into a strategic and profitable advantage.
www.fatherprenuernetwork.co.uk – Social Enterprise built to equip young dads between the ages of 16-19 with entrepreneurship and family skills.


Jermaine is an Inc magazine featured customer growth expert, b2b relationship and LinkedIn specialist. He helps organisations become irreplaceable to their most important customers. Most interviewed customer growth specialist in Europe. He has trained more than a thousand sales leaders, consultants and customer growth management professionals. To date he has helped his client’s uncover more than $50 million in unseen sales opportunities from their existing customers. Having spent 4 years studying LinkedIn. He now has 40% of his sales and marketing engine driven from LinkedIn. He’s helping others like you unlock the hidden unbeatable strategies that gets real consistent sales results on LinkedIn without feeling overwhelmed and confused.

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When you first go into business as a small business owner, how do you connect with people?

What is the singlemost important thing you can you do to capture a person’s attention in a 10-minute networking meeting that makes them pay attention to YOU?

Today we're speaking to Brad Burton, the founder of 4Networking.biz with over 5,000 meetings per year – also known as the BRAD GRENADE – yes, I warned you! - has been referred to as the ‘Tony Robbins of the North’ for his passionate speaking delivery and the impact on his audiences’ lives.

The tattooed Brad with his ‘Manchester Motivation’ talks compellingly about how he deconstructs the ‘suits of armour’ of his oftentimes corporate audience with soul-searching questions during his talks to packed halls, leaving them enthralled and wanting more. His compassion and love for his family and community shines through every word.

How does he do it? In this video, Brad shares how his ‘Unwavering, Misguided, Self-Belief’ allowed him to build 4Networking.biz and other businesses from the ground up.

• Brad’s three tips so you can have unstoppable success in your business
• How to approach and connect with people in a deeper way so they remember you and buy from you.
• How you can be ‘your biggest business weapon’ so that you can explode your sales.


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Brad is so much more than just a speaker, he’s an Author of four books and the highest rated and reviewed 5* business author on Amazon.

In 2006, Brad founded membership organisation 4Networking http://4Networking.biz which is now the UK’s largest joined up national business network, has thousands of members and operates over 5,000+ business networking meetings each year.

In the NowWhatClub Individuals, teams and corporates can spend the day with Brad, in a small group environment, at an energetic, focused 1 day BradCamp, https://www.bradburton.biz/bradcamp/speak/ reigniting desire, helping individuals refocus to find their business and life success.