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For Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Can you believe that 50% of businesses fail in their first 5 years? Source – Motley Fool May 2017

And why are entrepreneurs not spending 50% of their time on sales and marketing to get their business going?

And this is baffling because:
•    Small businesses accounted for 99.3% of all private sector businesses at the start of 2016 and 99.9% were mall or medium-sized (SMEs).

•    Although 80% of businesses succeed after the first year, we’re battling a downward trend in all of the first 5 years. 

•    Total employment in SMEs was 15.7 million; 60% of all private sector employment in the UK. So there is a lot of reliance on SME employers 

•    Small firms spend four days per month battling red tape

•    Small businesses are vulnerable and I’m passionate about helping small business succeed.

Start from Now

In the beginning you are your business. And the business takes on your personality.

It is now more important than ever for small business to know their ideal client, have a solid product or service offering in order to drive sales into their business.

It doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, I would like this to be almost effortless.  

But I find that new small business owners really need to go deeper to understand why they are in business in the first place. 

In most cases I see:

  • A need for spending time on sales, new business owners preferring to live in their towers of expertise or hiding behind their screens
  • As a result they do not know their ideal client, they generally don't charge enough and they don’t put themselves out there.
  • And they do not have the strategies to sell – yes, sales requires strategies.

Follow Up

For example, how many of you are going to follow up on the business networking meetings you had in the past week – those business cards in your pocket?

Follow Through

I’ve created the Business Deep Dive course for your business to help small businesses succeed and I coach business owners on how to get as much value out of their business as possible. 

Why does this matter?

  1. When you know who your ideal client is, you are reducing the amount of effort and advertising spend to get a better return on the time and money you invest in your business. 
  2. When you speak to your ideal client you can speak to their deepest fears and their grandest dreams to powerfully connect with them. 
  3. When you know your own values, you can work with these – and find those who share your values. 
  4. You can simply charge more for your products or services because your product or service is clearly defined and you know who your ideal client is. 

Go Deeper to Go Higher

Combining your deeper knowledge of who your ideal client is, with the understanding of your own value and the value in your product or service simply means that you have more opportunities to connect with the people who will buy from you 

Over and over again – repeated sales
With increasing frequency – more often
In greater volume – bigger sales

And you will know how to see the opportunity in the objections to close the sale.


The worksheets on the course will help you effortlessly find:

  1. Your elevator speech
  2. The full structure/copy for the marketing messages to use:
    • In your copy, 
    • On your sales pages, 
    • In your literature and
    • When speaking to your ideal client. 
  3. And to define your ideal client persona, your target market, and segment your market accordingly. 
  4. In the values exercise we look at why your product or service is valuable and what you are charging. 
  5. In sales we look at the metrics of how to attract clients – offline and online.


I have an offer for you to help you achieve your goals –  we are now half way through the 2017 year! 
The Business Deep Dive Course – starting mid August to prepare you for the next half year: Go to for more details about the course!

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For Medium to Large Businesses

Here at Business Transformation Consulting we show you the step-by-step process for examining the current mechanisms, habits -and behaviours - in your business in order to harness them and help you transition to a more harmonius workspace and life - aligned to your newly created vision of success.  



From individuals to groups and with projects and processes, Bonnie and her team have a treasurebox of tools to leverage the change you've been looking for, at each stage of the process, adding more and more value to the customer experience so that they come back to you with:

-Buying more

-Items of Higher Value

-More Often

The aim is to create intrapreneurial virtuous cycles in your business, by becoming more resourceful and doing more of what works. Don't worry - not everything is broken!

From SMEs to Corporate clients, we will work with you to shine a light and focus on directions for improvement and will help you find your accelerated path to growth, with less effort and more enjoyment.

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