does this sound like your company?

Is your company receiving complaints from your customers that seem legitimate but you don’t see how they’re happening?

Do you say to yourself: my sales team is not the problem, so how do I improve my sales?

Are you doing too much of the work while your employees have nice conversations?

Are there problems in your company that need to be defined so that solutions can be found?

Is it time to stop putting up with the chaos now?

You’re not alone

Can you believe that 50% of businesses fail in their first 5 years? Source – Motley Fool May 2017

And why are entrepreneurs not spending 50% of their time on sales and marketing to get their business going?

And this is baffling because:
•    Small businesses accounted for 99.3% of all private sector businesses at the start of 2016 and 99.9% were mall or medium-sized (SMEs).

•    Although 80% of businesses succeed after the first year, we’re battling a downward trend in all of the first 5 years. 

•    Total employment in SMEs was 15.7 million; 60% of all private sector employment in the UK. So there is a lot of reliance on SME employers 

•    Small firms spend four days per month battling red tape

•    Small businesses are vulnerable and I’m passionate about helping small business succeed.

how we work with your company

At we work with people, business strategy, and technology to help business owners get traction in their business so that they can have more results with less effort. When we work with your company, there must be full support from C-suite for this work to be effective. Often, during the process we meet regularly with and coach your executives, which benefits not only their working lives but their home, family, legacy, dreams including travel, fun, personal and professional development. This creates a greater purpose for their role, which ultimately elevates the company results as their lives become enriched.

who we work with

We work with CEOs of technology-based SMEs with turnover ranging between £2-£20m.

They have problems in their companies that seem to cause chaos, keeping them stuck, which affects many departments within the company. There is usually an element of being stuck amongst the staff - they want their company to do well, they each work well on their own processes/in their own departments but as a whole the comany doesn’t gel.

what about high-growth startups?

We enjoy working with startups or companies looking to accelerate their results e.g. if these companies have just received investment and are transitioning to their next level. Here we are working with very intelligent individuals who are strong and comfortable in known areas of expertise but who lack a full spectrum view of the mechanics of running a company and who may miss the importance of certain areas. For example a new CEO who used to be a sales director but who lacks expertise or appreciation of the accounting elements, or vice versa.

For Small to Medium Businesses

Here at Business Transformation Consulting we show you the step-by-step process for examining the current mechanisms, habits -and behaviours - in your business in order to harness them and help you transition to a more harmonius workspace and life - aligned to your newly created vision of success.  



From individuals to groups and with projects and processes, Bonnie and her team have a treasurebox of tools to leverage the change you've been looking for, at each stage of the process, adding more and more value to the customer experience so that they come back to you with:

-Buying more

-Items of Higher Value

-More Often

The aim is to create intrapreneurial virtuous cycles in your business, by becoming more resourceful and doing more of what works. Don't worry - not everything is broken!

From SMEs to Corporate clients, we will work with you to shine a light and focus on directions for improvement and will help you find your accelerated path to growth, with less effort and more enjoyment.

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