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Who is Bonnie Harmon?

Bonnie is a global businesswoman, having owned a multi-million pound enterprise, and run international projects. She now runs her own consultancy firm, and her unique talent is working with her clients to transform businesses on both practical and energetic level, combining solid business skills to produce very tangible results.

She achieves very interesting results through a unique talent, using her intuitive sense that an organisation needs to be handled and transformed in much the same way as an individual. She recognises that - as an entity in and of itself - it is whole, integrated and malleable. 

Having co-founded an run her own £MM businessfor many years and working in industries and environments where the male paradigm is supreme, Bonnie has carved her own path to success through embracing feminine principals of flow, embrace, nurture.

Marie Forleo coined the phrase ‘multi-passionate entrepreneur’ and Bonnie’s passion lies both in transforming people’s lives as well as their businesses, with her numerous coaching skills and her understanding of the practical usefulness of energy work.

Bonnie is a global citizen, having lived in different countries, attending 8 different primary schools and directing a project in Beirut (a war zone at that time) for HM Government. This has given Bonnie the perspective of the ‘outsider’; through connecting with their energy, she developed a way to get to know, understand, like and trust people, and not rely on culture, age, or social status to inform her relationships.

When Bonnie speaks to audiences you hear more about her interesting journey, the stories about how the culture shock of moving from the USA to Ireland led to numerous insights on kindness, and on whom to befriend and on who to avoid, and the path that led her to be able to transform companies and individuals in a unique way.

Some of Bonnie’s credentials:

Director of her own business for over 15 years

Master Practitioner EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) 

Master Practitioner NLP (Neuro Lingual Programming) 

Master Life Coach

Emotional and Social Intelligence Coach

Social Entrepreneurship Trainer

Stress Management Trainer

Former JP Morgan Futures & Options Accountant